Friday, September 10, 2010


I have read that the bird populations around the world have gotten out of control in many areas.

I thought we were KILLING OFF ALL THE BIRDS according to that Ultra-Liberal Rachel Carson & the lies & ignorance she presented in that over-sensationalized book SILENT SPRING, fretting so about DDT. All during the 1960s Equally-ignorant liberal government officials prompted by those "brilliant" UN leaders then outlawed DDT based solely on her mis-leading book and publicity.

As a result, millions of children in Third World countries around the globe die every year -- including hundreds all across the Philippines -- from dengue fever, malaria and similar illnesses as a result of mosquitoes that were once controlled with DDT. Before Carson's book, such diseases and deaths were slowly being eliminated. Carson's book was based on a whole host of enviornmental mis-information and sensationalism. Rachel Carson was the Al Gore of the 1960s.

In 2009 there was over 38,380 cases of dengue in the Philippines. SO FAR, in 2010 there are already over 77,000 reported cases of dengue fever!

It is a shame that it had been nearly eliminated by the late 1950s until the stupid, uneducated environmentalists got envolved and the UN & many other governments sucked it all up and went along with it.

Why can't these ignorant people EVER learn?!? Such enviornmental hysteria has always produced unintendeded consequences. We had a baby in our own Cebu neighborhood die of Dengue Fever -- known in the USA as encephalitis. Why are we allowing the killing-off of our defenseless babies and little children around the world to save birds that are NOW out-of-control causing additional problems of their own!

Will Some Philippines government official finally tell the UN that their mandates will no longer be followed in the interest of the Philippine people or will Some UN Official finally smarten up to the unintended consequences that their enviormental hyteria has caused!?!


Rich Kozlovich said...

Thank you for your personal insights that clearly demonstrates the impact these irrational misanthropes have had on the third world. They always claim that what they do "is for the children"! The questions that I ask are these;

1. If they really are so concerned about the health of the children of the first world, why then do they have such distain for the health of the children of the third world.

2. If what they promote is so detrimental to those children, why would we think that it would be any different here?

I publish a blog called Paradigms and Demographics. Perhaps you would enjoy perusing it. If so, just type the name into the Google search engine and it should come up immediately.

I also publish a weekly newsletter, and your article will be linked to it next Friday.

Thanks once again and best wishes,
Rich Kozlovich

Trudy S said...

Thank you for this clear statement of FACTS. The movie 3 Billion and Counting is opening in New York on Sept. 17, 2010. Be sure to see the vivid presentation of evidence, garnered from sources across the globe. The world is now ready to correct the mistakes of the past. Malaria can be STOPPED. DDT will make the difference. Pass the word to all you know. Dr. Rutledge Taylor, producer of the film, is leading the way!