Sunday, March 29, 2009


The reference "AngloBoy" came about nearly 12 years ago as I and my wife's family walked into the church yard of the Catholic cathedral in Lapu-Lapu City one Sunday morning. Of course, I towered head and shoulders above the sea of Philipinos gathering within the walled-in church yard as we approached the church entryway.

As we passed by the balloon vendor -- yes, I said Balloon vendor, he entices and tries to sell large balloons with images of Jesus looking out from the inside, to all parents and children walking to Mass -- other vendors, by the way, sell peanuts, candles and various other religious items in a carnival-like atmosphere outside the cathedral before and after each Mass.

Now, up to this time I had become accustomed to hearing "Hey Joe!" as I had walked down the Philipino streets. That is another Filipino reference to saying "hi" to an American, or any male Europeans or caucasians, for that matter, seen passing by.

As we passed by the balloon vendor, I heard in good English, "He-e-y-y An-glo-Boy! L-o-o-K every-body, we have an An-glo Boy here! How 'bout buying balloons for your family?

Referring to Anglo-Saxon, of course, this "Boy" was probaly twice the vendor's age. At any rate, He said it with a big smile, knowing he was putting me on the spot. I told him "maybe after Mass" as we headed on into the church. I just couldn't see any of us sitting in church during Mass, holding a balloon of Jesus floating over our heads.

Ever since then, many in my Filipino family laughingly refer to me as "AngloBoy".

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