Friday, April 10, 2009

BEWARE of local Attorneys

I have been informed by my Filipino friends and relatives that when buying land in the Philippines to Beware of unscrupulous real estate lawyers. Supposedly there have been cases of attorneys drawing up legal documents that transfer property ownership to themselves once purchased.

Like anything else, it is best to check with past clients and locals to determine if any attorney you intend hiring has a good reputation, is trustworthy and has provided good representation to his previous clients.

All business and legal documents in the country are supposed to be conducted in English anyway, according to the law, so I don't know if such rumors are true or not. It is probably best, however, to check at the Registar's Office to make certain the proper names are listed as the owners afterward. -- if not, then you have another problem of finding an attorney to straighten it out and to deal with the crooked one.

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