Sunday, December 6, 2009

Typhoons in the Philippines

Monsoons, tradewinds and "westerlies" are quite common in the Philippines but "wild winds" or " twisters" sometimes come in from the east or northwest. Called Typhoons in this part of the world, their main difference to Americans is that their high winds rotate in the opposite direction than the hurricanes we are more familiar with --But I really doubt it makes much difference when you're caught out in one.

On average, the Pilippines vacinity experience about 20 typhoons a year, nine hitting the island nation directly. Most hit the provinces facing the open-area of the Pacific Ocean or the northern provinces opposite Tiawan. Fortunately, the area of Cebu and Mactan Island -- where our family lives -- are inner islands, protected on all sides by a number of much larger isles. Generally, a direct Typhoon hit here is a rare event, but it does sometimes happen.The Typhoon season in the Pilipinas runs from June through December with most typhoons ocurring in July, August, and September but they can actually occur in any month when a cool front enters the area.

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